Small Beginnings

July was our first month into operations and there was so much to learn for our starting team. From managing our website and multiple social media accounts up to reaching out to publications and influencers, these were some unfamiliar tracks we have pursued in the past four weeks. It has been a test for us as well to balance both Mori and our respective day jobs. Don’t get us wrong though – we love the challenge. 🙂

Believe it or not – as a couple, we actually thrive on challenges. It allows our minds to think bigger, skills to hone deeper and network to expand wider. Through these challenges, we are thankful to celebrate mini victories along the way such as delivering our first sales orders, reaching hundreds of followers through social media and, more notably, getting published on Real Living and Amber of A Momma Abroad’s blog.

There are a lot of things we have right now on our plates like product development, photo shoots, and collaborations. And we are happy with the progress. We hope that we can achieve big things with our small beginnings.

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