Amado & Akiko

Eureka moments don’t come often and, for a husband and wife, this came in 2016. For Amado and Akiko, it all started with crates. A dear friend asked the couple to make several crates as farewell gifts to her co-workers. The handy gift was a hit after two of them turned it into a mini platform during an office event. This instance then spiraled to more requests coming from relatives and friends of Amado and Akiko in the following months. Their combined passion for wood and home interiors has resulted into the launch of this very home decor brand, Mori.

Why the name Mori? Mori means forest in Japanese in this character, 森. It is a way of giving homage to nature for its beautiful creation such as trees.

Mori’s wooden home decors and accessories are tasteful, long-lasting, and functional to keep up with everyday living while being mindful of the environment. At the same time, Mori advocates conscious living. Rather than aimlessly consuming unnecessarily, our brand focuses on the quality of life, sustainability of the environment and a positive impact to our community.