Hello and thank you for visiting our website. Please allow us to share a bit of background about ourselves. We are Amado and Akiko. After ten years of dating, tying the knot was only natural for us as our next step. Throughout our times together, we learned that we are different and sometimes opposite. For example, he is left-brained with a superiority in math and logic while I’m the right-brained with a knack for design and style. But, nonetheless, things fall into place despite such differences and this holds true for Mori.

Construction work and interior styling hobby led us to launch Mori. Mori is our common ground for our passion for wood and home interiors. We have designed wooden home decors such as coasters, crates and much more. We aim that Mori pieces are tasteful, long-lasting and functional – perfect for every home – while being mindful of the environment.

This blog serves as our way of sharing testimonials, promotions and future collaborations. You can also expect features on other local brands we discovered and our personal stories on family, food, and travel. We would like to hear from you so don’t be shy and leave us a comment anytime. If you wish to be a contributing author, contact us through our e-mail at hello@mori.ph. New ideas are always encouraged.

Our hopes for this blog are to 1) learn more about you; 2) provide better products and services, and 3) create a positive and encouraging online space.

Again, thank you very much for dropping by and enjoy the rest of the website.

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